Effective marketing for your mobile app

So, you have created a killer mobile app. Now the goal is to get it out there on the Internet and market it for all its worth. How you promote it can mean the difference between resounding success and hopeless obscurity, and that’s where we come in. We’ll take care of your mobile app marketing strategy, promotion and marketing from A to Z.

Effective app marketing at any stage

Effective app marketing at any stage

  • Pre-launch campaign to create anticipation about the app.
  • Strategically-timed launch to grab the attention of users.
  • Post-launch viral campaigns via mobile, web, videos and podcasts.
  • In-app campaign via the app store’s popular apps.
  • Exciting updates so that existing users revisit your app.
  • Promotions on recent functionality upgrades to hook new users.
  • Paid promotion and review generation to drive downloads.
  • Suggestions for new upgrades based on user feedback.
  • Maintaining a communication stream with users to ensure app popularity.
  • Establishing touch point with users to build value for your brand.

How we market your mobile app


Our App Store Optimization services can position with the maximum visibility within the App stores. This is a task that involves a specific strategy, technical knowledge, marketing insight and talented content writing. We provide the following two types of App Store Optimization:


Several factors are called into play, including creation of the App Title, App Description, App Type, App Icon, and presence of App Screenshots. It is also important to pick an Appropriate Category and include suitable keywords in the descriptions and summaries. A YouTube Demo is a welcome addition at the Google Play Store.


Off Page Optimization emphasis the Overall App Ratings, App Reviews and Total App Downloads. Link Building also plays an important role when it comes to optimizing for the Google Play Store.

  • Finding the right app name.
  • Creating & optimizing keywords.
  • Designing a catchy app icon.
  • Writing an engaging description.
  • Creating & uploading app screenshots.
  • Categorizing the app appropriately.
  • Creating a YouTube app demo.
  • Re-examining and refining strategy.

We create pages for your app on social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. Engaging content, including videos, photos, social media updates and blog posts which we upload on your app’s pages. On creating a video, we upload it on the main app site and other channels like YouTube as well.

The idea is to build a loyal fan base and attract new customers. Constant updates, tweets and blog posts are part of the strategy we use to keep your app at the top of their minds. We also arrange for small promotions, such as coupons, discounts, and sweepstakes, to add to the marketing buzz.

  • Creating a social marketing strategy.
  • Building viral marketing promotions.
  • Page creation on social media platforms.
  • Creating a buzz on Forums.
  • Social Bookmarking.
  • Push notifications and creating notification sources.
  • Creating an App Video.
  • Keeping content fresh and updated.

Writing press releases and distributing them is crucial to the success of your app. A press release campaign creates a buzz and can attract a lot of attention online if done right using the correct channels. If your app is the first of its genre, all the better.

Reputed PR sites love something new and will build up the popularity of your app indirectly. We have a large team of content writers who will put together well written, concise press releases about your app and upload them on prestigious PR websites like PRweb, PR Log, WhatTech, Newswire, and Lamwire.

  • Getting the story right.
  • Writing the Press Release.
  • Distributing the Press Release.

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