SEO: Essential to your success online

How well does your website bring target users to you? How can they find you among billions of websites? The answer: Smart SEO. Search engine optimization or SEO for short, optimizes your website for organic searches on search engines through a multitude of ways. When it comes to SEO, Adebiaye follows a tried and tested approach to get the high search rankings you crave.

Some of the factors in our SEO strategy

Keyword research and high quality content:

We use a variety of tools to find the words your audience uses to search for services like yours. These keywords are then strategically used in your content to attract the attention of search engines.

Website analysis and crawl-ability check:

We will analyze your website coding, Meta tags, link structure, load time, content and a lot of other items that are mainly involved in search engine ranking. We will check the content crawlability of your site, especially your most important pages, and report errors to you.

Competitor Analysis:

We’ll study the websites of your competitors to find which keywords they use and build our own strategy to push you above them.

Social Media Optimization:

Social shares are extremely important for SEO to work. Being on social networks, such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, creates a multitude of avenues for people to find you online. The more your content is liked and shared, the better rankings you will see.

Link Building:

We will look for and acquire high quality links to point to your website. This will give your site more credibility with the search engines. We will take into consideration the text of the actual link because it is one of the key factors.

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