Department of Informatics & Engineering Systems
College of Science and Technology

University of South Carolina Upstate

Unit : Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Information Systems, Data & Information Science, and Information Technology

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Areas of Research Interests

1. Building Security Infrastructure
2. Mobile Security
3. O/S development
4. Data Analytical Science
5. Privacy Technologies imprecision
6. Single sign-on
7. Security Level Management
8. Audit-proof Network protocols
9. DSRC Standards
10. Vulnerability/Penetration Testing

Dr. Richmond S. Adebiaye, CISSP, CISM, CCIE

Assistant Professor, Department of Informatics & Engineering Systems (Tenure-T)

Dr. Adebiaye is currently in the Department of Informatics & Engineering Systems, College of Science and Technology at the University of South Carolina Upstate.

Journal Articles

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1. Most Outstanding Research paper (COMNET 2014)– Computer Society of India (CSI) Coimbatore Chapter, Tamilnadu, India. Award CSI41-6589,

2. MOST OUTSTANDING RESEARCH SCIENTIST: Dr. Richmond Adebiaye | Award Winner - VIFRA 2015 | Outstanding Scientist. (Nomination Code : F. No. VIFRA 2015 / 746) Venus International Foundation, Chennai India.

I believe most of my students will rise to meet my high expectations of them. My cardinal task as a professor/Instructor is to teach rigorous, focused structured thinking, careful judgment, and consistent reasoning. Teaching for me is in reminding my students that they know it just as well as I know. I believe the fundamental goal of teaching is to foster learning and to provide the best education experience in the classroom; I utilize a variety of pedagogical techniques, including interesting lecturing, lab exercises, research labs, group project presentation and positive criticism. I welcome feedbacks from students and incorporate appropriate suggestions. I strive to deliver intelligent presentations with energy necessary to motivate my students. I will characterize my teaching with the following traits: enthusiasm, expansion, and communication. My enthusiasm is generated from the passion I have for the subjects I teach and would add points to their industry’s applications.

My teaching style is expansive as I emphasize the ability of critical thinking. I often tell my students that technologies are updating very fast. The technologies they learn today can be replaced with more robust and mature technologies tomorrow. So, it is the techniques of learning a technology that is the most important. Fundamentally understanding a technology and paying attention to the learning process will make them adaptable to learn newer technology as their career progresses. Even in the non-technology classes, I challenge students to relate the concepts covered in different chapters, helping them see beyond the book and get a bigger picture of the subject.

I enjoy communicating with my students by providing timely help and additional off-class tutoring for students who struggle in the class. I am quick with email responses. I often have students lined up for additional help with their homework or projects. As I continue to grow and develop as a teacher, I hope to become ever better at engaging students in learning, and challenging and promoting them to achieve their best.

Dr. Richmond Segun Adebiaye, CISSP, CISM, CCNA, CCIE,