Outsourcing Solutions from Dr Adebiaye

At Dr Adebiaye, we build all kinds of applications ranging from Desktop to Web. We also have capability in house to develop Custom Macintosh based applications.

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications, as compared to Web applications, are on a downtrend, but they do have their uses. Since desktop applications are browser independent and work offline, they run much faster and are extremely secure. They can be highly customized to your business requirements. Our Rich Desktop Applications help you gain better control of hardware resources and automate business processes. They allow fast access to data, content synchronization and can easily be integrated with Microsoft technologies, OS platforms and Web technologies. We provided upgrades at regular intervals to help assure your data will have the data security needed to prevent unauthorized access. Many of our desktop applications are built on the .NET platform.

Web Applications

Web based applications are convenient, and with today’s high speed Internet, are also quite fast. Their biggest advantage is that they can be used from any location, not just at the office. There is no hassle installing as this type of application avoids the need to install programs in individual systems, plus keep them up to date. By hosting a web-based application in the Cloud or on company servers, there is one central location for upgrading and maintenance, while allowing those with access, such as employees or clients, the most current information.
.NET and PHP Applications: Our weapons of choice

At Dr Adebiaye, two technologies (.NET and PHP) are widely used as the foundation of our Web applications.

.NET for speedy integration and development of business services through the Web

Our .NET expertise helps us develop inexpensive, scalable, reliable, and secure web applications. We have a highly skilled team who is well versed in .NET scripting and knows how to adapt it for various project needs.

We have delivered the following .NET Enterprise Applications:
  • Dynamic .NET Websites with complex online forms and web-based functionalities
  • Dynamic/database driven eCommerce Systems
  • Intranet/Extranet Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Online Reporting Systems
  • Financial Sales Forecasting Applications
  • Healthcare Management Systems
  • Retailing applications for e.g. to monitor volume of store traffic
  • Business Negotiation Tracking Software
  • Mobile Applications
Distributed (client-server) PHP Applications

APHP is one of the most popular, widely used, open source programming languages for dynamic web applications. We have used PHP with MySQL, Oracle, Sybase & MS Access database for database-oriented applications. Our team has worked on multiple Enterprise based Application Development projects using PHP and has developed auction sites, trading and stock systems, and online multiplayer games.

Our PHP based projects and expertise include CMS-backed solutions:
  • Customer Management
  • Links Management
  • Category Management
  • Banner Ad Management
  • Product Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • Job Portals
  • Managing Online Surveys
  • Admin & Sub-Admin Management
  • Managing Feedback
  • Quiz Management

Custom-built MAC Applications

We have a team of dedicated MAC developers whose pride and joy it is to produce stunning applications for the MAC OS. Our team has a deep understanding and a lot of experience in MAC development frameworks such as Cocoa and Carbon. By following the Agile Development Methodology with our MAC application, we are able to answer a variety of needs, including:
  • End to End MAC application development
  • Creating effective interaction of your MAC application with MAC OS X components
  • Developing a new interface, controls and features for an existing MAC application
  • Rebuilding the MAC application for new requirements or putting in a new module
  • Porting a Windows application to the MAC platform
Our areas of expertise include:
  • MAC programming for all the versions of MAC OS X
  • In-depth application development A to Z
  • Development and Porting in Carbon and Cocoa
  • Cross Platform Windows/MAC Development
  • Extension development from Safari
  • CodeWarrior to XCode porting
  • X Platform development and Objective-C
  • Custom-built Plugins and Extensions development for MAC software

Why use Dr Adebiaye

Adebiaye has been in the application development game for more than 17 years. We have developed a lot of applications over the years on a variety of platforms using diverse technologies.

Fast turnaround

While our development centers are based in India, the project management is typically handled within the United States. The time difference helps keep communication open and flowing around the clock with our clients.

Trained, certified developers

We have trained, certified developers with extensive knowledge of various technologies, including Lamp and .Net, plus MAC development frameworks such as Cocoa and Carbon.

High quality, low cost solutions

When it comes to application development and enterprise solutions development, our costs are extremely reasonable. We go the extra mile to see you happy!

Process driven methodology

We follow the Agile Development Methodology and are reputed for our speed of development. All our applications are also subjected to rigorous testing to enable high quality deliveries.

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